A MEDICAL RESEARCH company is appealing for asthma sufferers to help find new ways to treat the increasingly prevalent disease.

Synexus, which is based at Buckshaw Village, Chorley, is beginning an asthma research campaign.

Figures from asthma charities show than 5.4m people in the UK are currently receiving treatment and the figure is increasing. The condition affects one in 12 adults and one in 11 children.

The NHS spends around a billion pounds a year treating and caring for people with asthma.

It is claimed that an estimated 75 per cent of hospital admissions are avoidable and as many as 90 per cent of deaths from asthma are preventable.

In the run up to the study, which has been mandated by the US-based Food and Drug Administration, Synexus is conducting a Challenge Asthma campaign aimed at raising awareness about asthma and the need for further research.

The campaign is also aimed at encouraging volunteers to join its patient database.

A spokesman for Synexus, said: “Asthma results in significant numbers of days off work and is the most frequent cause of missed days at school.

“It has become a great concern for the health authorities and as such an important part of health education focuses on the early diagnosis and treatment of asthma.

“It is vital that additional research is carried out to find new treatments which may help to reduce the severity of the condition and provide better medications for everyday use to control and treat the symptoms.”

Those who register may be invited to take part in clinical trials.

Although there is no obligation to participate.

Some trials do pay patients for their time and all reimburse out of pocket travelling expenses.

Those who would like to find out more about asthma and clinical studies are asked to go to www.challenge-asthma.com.