Residents will get a one per cent cut council tax as part of a the council’s budget for 2012/13.

The news comes after Chorley Council’s budget was agreed last week.

One per cent will be shaved from the borough council’s share of the council tax bill and the Conservative-led authority claims £853,000 will be pumped into priorities identified by residents, plus a further £500,000 into trying to reinvigorate the town centre.

Leader Coun Peter Goldsworthy said: “We are in extremely difficult financial times and we have put this budget together with the residents and businesses of Chorley in mind.

“We know there are many hard-working families out there struggling to make ends meet and we know every penny counts.”

The council has pledged to buy the eyesore former McDonald’s site on Market Street and freeze market rents and car parking charges.

It is also increasing the number of neighbourhood officers it funds by five.

Oppostion Labour leader, Coun Alistair Bradley said the Conservative and Lib Dem administration’s proposal for a one per cent cut was a gimmick aimed at trying to buy votes for the election in May.

He said: “It equates to £1.79 over the year or 3p a week for the average Band D property.

“We believe the electorate will see this for the stunt that it is.

“We want to invest in a strategic and coherent way across the borough on projects we have argued for over the past three years.

“This budget is simply too little too late, unambitous, unimaginative and uninspiring.

“The town needs a more vigorous and vibrant council leadership.”