Residents in Kershaw Street and Cobden Street in east Chorley joined a clean-up of the area at the back of their houses.

They set out to get rid of unwanted items and clean up with the aim of creating a communal area that local children and families can use.

Through the council, residents applied for help alongside sponsorship from local councillor, Terry Brown, and a large skip was brought in.

The residents also requested tools and assistance from the council’s neighbourhood officers to clear the streets of clutter in anticipation of some road surface work that will improve the overall look and feel of the area.

Councillor Eric Bell, who oversees neighbourhood working projects at Chorley Council, said: “Last year we started a new approach to neighbourhood working where we asked councillors to discuss initiatives and prioritise work with their constituents.

"Cleaning and improving the backs around Kershaw Street and Cobden Street was one of the projects that came out of that and it is great to the area being improved for the whole community to use.”

Councillor Terry Brown who sponsored the project and is the ward councillor for Chorley East, said: “There are a lot of good people living in this area that want to make a difference and increase community pride.

“This space is now accessible to all residents and everyone who was involved will get a real boost from seeing children and families using it.”