A HARD-hitting campaign highlighting the dangers of not making children wear seatbelts in cars has been such a success in East Lancashire it is being rolled out across the county.

Police trialled Operation Peardrop earlier this year, which gave drivers in Nelson and Brierfield the option of avoiding a £60 fine, and three points on their licence, after they had been pulled over for seatbelt offences.

Motorists were given the chance to watch a road safety DVD, outlining the terrible consequences of not belting up youngsters in vehicles.

And out of the 113 drivers who opted to watch the short film, after being stopped during two crackdowns in March and April, none have been caught out again.

Sgt Natasha Shaw, part of the Pendle Multi-Agency Problem Solving Team, based at Colne station, said: “The success of the operation has far exceeded our expectations.

“People who attended the DVD course brought along family members, friends and colleagues. None of those who turned up have since reoffended.”

The Pendle initiative is now set to be repeated at a number of locations across the county, after its official launch at Nelson fire station yesterday.

Sgt Shaw has produced a pack for fellow officers interested in issues sur-rounding seat belts and the under-use of child booster seats and car seats.

The operation also focuses on people who use mobile phones while driving.

The Lancashire Telegraph has been supportive of child seatbelt usage and launched our Love Your Kids? Belt Them In campaign last August.

Drivers in East Lancashire were penalised 45 times for not ensuring under 14s wore seat belts and 95 children aged under three were not secured in the back of cars.