"If you don't know the answers now, you never will," my old maths teacher used to say the day before a big exam. Very true, although I was only aged seven at the time.

After 124 days of training and writing these blogs, the Jane Tomlinson Pennine Lancashire 10K is only a few hours away.

A quick sleep and I'll be heading off to the start line at Witton Park.

It feels like the first day at Secondary School: Fear, trepidation, excitement. A day you dread but one you know you have to go through.

My maths teacher was right, there's nothing I can do now. I haven't even been for a run today. Instead, I've spent the day in Manchester relaxing with my wife Sharon.

We even saw Louis Walsh heading for the X Factor auditions - and that's as rock and roll as it gets.

I've had texts and Facebook messages all day long wishing me luck. I've loved the office banter. It seems to brought everyone together.

But now the time has finally come to stop writing about this run ... and start running.