POLICE have pledged to carry out special operations in the name of the Lancashire Telegraph's ‘Consequences’ campaign.

And the Telegraph will be accompanying officers on test purchase stings, and other high-profile actions as the force throws its weight behind the campaign.

Problem pubs and other hotspot areas will be targeted in a bid to highlight the Consequences message – ‘Let’s stop the senseless violence’.

The extra operations come on top of existing work being done across East Lancashire to encourage licensed premises to stick to their conditions and also to use plastic glasses.

Chief Inspector Peter Lawson said: “We have committed significant resources to the town centre and even more during peak hours of night-time economy to prevent and deter anti-social behaviour. Officers are visiting hotspot premises and hotspot areas and intervene early to deal with problems before they escalate.

“Drinking irresponsibly can place everyone in dangerous and vulnerable circumstances especially the young. It is a duty on everyone to educate around the dangers and consequences of irresponsible drinking.

“Serious violence is rare and violent crime is at an all-time low with a 29 per cent reduction over three years. However, any violent crime is one too many and we are working closely with partners to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence.

“We recognise the majority of retailers take their responsibilities seriously and we are determined to continue working with them to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.

“Cases such as the Adam Rogers case are extremely rare and this was an extremely unfortunate and tragic case with devastating results.”

Leading licensees have also backed the Consequences campaign and said they were committed to making town centres safe at night. Major Blackburn town centre players including Liquid and Envy, FJ Nichols and pubs under the BarU scheme have pledged to continue to uphold their agreed objectives such as Challenge 21 and ‘barred from one, barred from all’.

Nightspots said they were working with police via the town centre radio link, CCTV network and using plastic glasses to make the town a ‘fun, safe and vibrant place’.

A spokesman for BarU Blackburn said the group worked ‘tirelessly’ to prevent crime and disorder and public nuisance.

He said: “BarU feels that the Consequences campaign is an important campaign.

“We feel that continued implementation of BarU operating systems and our support for licensees, and work with the police, will see a continued reduction in crime."