A WOMAN who 'doesn't normally drink' ended a night out by getting inebriated and spitting in a police sergeant's face, a court heard.

Samantha Louise Chadwick, 30, had been aggressive and hurling abuse outside a pub, carried on after being arrested and then launched the horrible attack on the custody sergeant, leaving him feeling disgusted and sickened.

Burnley magistrates were told how Chadwick had no idea what she had done when she woke up in the cells and was shocked and ashamed.

She immediately sent apologies to her victim, Sgt Derek Entwistle, through the sergeant then on duty.

The defendant, of Girvan Grove, Burnley, admitted police assault and being drunk and disorderly on Colne Road, in the town, on July 19.

She was fined £70, with £85 costs.