NEARLY 100 people were found to be at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes during a healthy lifestyle roadshow in Burnley.

Of 189 people seen at the roadshow in St James Street on July 3 and 4, about half were referred to their doctor for further tests and support, because of their likelihood of developing the condition. Some may find they already have Type 2 diabetes, as it can often go unnoticed for years.

According to NHS figures, East Lancashire already has 18,574 people diagnosed with diabetes, but it’s further estimated that an additional 5,900 people in the area have the condition, but are undiagnosed.

Burnley’s Mayor, Councillor Mr Andy Tatchell, also attended the event and said: “The roadshow was a real eye-opener. There was so much information on offer, and it was a wake-up call for everyone who attended. I’d like to say thank-you to Diabetes UK for bringing the roadshow to Burnley, and for allowing so many residents to participate.”

Jo Cunnah, of Diabetes UK, said: “Our roadshow has given them a chance to get help from their doctor and hopefully to take a serious look at their health. ”