A ‘NIGHTMARE’ neighbour who has caused misery for years has been jailed.

David Newton, of Victoria Street, Ramsbottom, was sentenced to four months in prison by Bury magistrates after breaching his latest anti-social behaviour order (ASBO).

Neighbours have spoken of how they have endured his ‘intimidating’ behaviour, which includes using foul language, playing loud music and banging on walls.

Next-door neighbour Gareth Brodiac lives with his partner Helen Wilson and his four young children, aged between eight months and nine-years-old.

Mr Brodiac, who works at Morrisons in Ramsbottom and has lived next to 44-year-old Newton for four years, said the situation affected his work as well as his young family.

He said: “It is nice when he is in prison, but when he is here, it is a nightmare.

“He is intimidating. He will just talk to himself in his house, but really loudly, and you can hear his conversation. It is like he is having an argument.

“He chucks stuff out of his window, has been turning his music up and down.

“On Wednesday, at about midnight, he had his music on full whack for a good half hour.

“He was swearing and waking everybody up.”

Despite this, Mr Brodiac said he and his family have no plans to move away.

He added: “I don’t really want to move because all of my partner’s family lives nearby, and I work just round the corner.

“He has had help before, but it has just gone back to what it was before.

“The police, prison service, even his dad, have tried to help.”

Newton appeared in court for breaching his latest ASBO, by shouting, banging and using foul and abusive language towards his neighbours last month, and breaching a suspended sentence.

He was given his first ASBO last October by Bury magistrates, banning him from playing music and entering certain shops and pubs.

He was also previously sentenced for two months and 16 weeks in prison.