A WOMAN who fell into a Barrowford river was rescued after passers-by heard her cries for help.

Firefighters helped the woman from Pendle Water, just off Barleydale Road, which leads to a popular footpath linking Barrowford and Blacko, at around 8pm on Monday.

She appeared to have fallen from the pathway down the embankment.

Nelson crew manager Dave Robinson said: “She appears to have travelled down river some distance before being able to grab hold of some rocks.

“Due to the quick-thinking of the walkers, the emergency services were called and the rescue was carried out.

“The circumstances could have been very different if no-one had heard her calls.”

Two firefighters wearing water rescue clothing went into the middle of the river to help the woman, and supported her while she climbed back onto the footpath using a ladder.

She was treated by paramedics but is not believed to have been injured.

Crew manager Robinson added: “The cold temperature of the water, even in these warmer months, can be deceiving. Also, it is difficult to estimate the depth of the water, and it can vary greatly even in smaller rivers.”