STAFF at a home for people with mental health and disability issues have suffered a ‘barrage of abuse and threats’ from neighbours wanting the facility to be moved out of the area.

The private care home, in Loveclough, is home to four people suffering from such illnesses as post- traumatic stress disorder, post natal depression, and eating disorders.

The owner and workers at the five-bedroom property, in Penny Lodge Lane, have received ‘threatening’ letters, texts, and emails from neighbours who wrong- ly believe sex offenders and violent criminals are hous- ed there.

Graeme Procter, director of Prospects Supported Living Ltd, that runs the serv-ice, said: “The residents at our properties pose absol-utely no threat to the com-munity. The types of people that we care for are vict-ims. Many have suffered rape, child abuse, and negl- ect. They would only self-harm. They aren’t violent people.

“We provide care for people who are community members struggling with mental health problems, who want to get back into the community.

“They’ve been sending us anonymous messages tell-ing us to ‘get out’, and say-ing they have proof there are schizophrenics and paedophiles living with us, but this is completely in-correct.

“I find it really sad that people would act this way towards people who are vulnerable, and are victims.

“They, and my staff, don’t deserve the threats and abuse they have been rec-eiving since we moved in in March. It’s been relent-less, and it’s very unfair.

“People don’t underst-and that they are absolut-ely no threat to anyone.”

Mr Procter held a meet-ing with Rossendale Coun-cil leader, Coun Alyson Barnes, and police to disc-uss the issues last week.

More than 22 pages of emails and several other communications have been handed to police, and Mr Procter is seeking legal advice.

Coun Barnes said: “The difficulty the residents are having is that they don’t understand the profile of the people living at the home. What needs to happ- en is a meeting of a few of the neighbours and Graeme, but the residents have ref-used to talk, or listen, to him, even though it would sort everything out.”