PENDLE Council is reminding residents to check they are on the electoral register ahead of the elections in May.

On Thursday, May 22, there will be elections to Pendle Borough Council and the European Parliament.

Councillors in 16 of Pendle’s 20 wards are up for re-election this year. There are no borough elections in Blacko and Higherford, Foulridge, Higham and Pendleside, and Old Laund Booth wards.

Pendle residents have until next Tuesday to get on the Register of Electors to be eligible to vote in these elections. To check if you are on the roll call 01282 661662. Gillian Turpin, Pendle Council’s elections manager, said: “People aren’t always aware of the need to re-register each year to secure their right to vote.

“If anyone’s unsure if they returned their form, or have moved house since then and not re-registered at their new address, then they need to take a few minutes to check now.”