THE Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team have received a £1,000 grant from The Craven Trust.

The grant will go towards replacing their search control vehicle, known as ‘Mobile 4’, with a ‘utility vehicle’ that will be a search control vehicle, personnel carrier, and ambulance.

The ‘Mobile 4’ is used on searches for missing people, and houses computers, GPS monitoring equipment, mapping software, and radio equipment.

The current vehicle is an R-registration Mercedes 7.5-tonne van, donated second-hand from the police, which is getting to the end of its life.

Team Leader Pete Goble said: ‘We are extremely grateful to The Craven Trust. This grant, added to our previous Big Lottery Fund grant, goes significantly towards the cost of a new vehicle.

“We have now ordered the base vehicle, which will be delivered in the summer, before it goes to a local firm to be fitted out with all the necessary equipment.”