WAR veterans swung into action to help an elderly comrade who needed a rotten garden shed tearing down after it had become a ‘health risk’.

The shed, in 82-year-old John Stewart’s garden in Sandown Road, Haslingden, had almost collapsed on him during high winds.

Four members of Veterans In Communities, the charity for ex-servicemen and women, were contacted by Tracey Vick, whose fiancé is Darren Horsnell, VIC arts and crafts co-ordinator.

Tracey said: “I care for John Stewart’s wife Marny, and the shed in their back garden of their home in Haslingden was in such a poor condition it creaked and groaned whenever it was windy. John is 82 and was conscripted to the Army as a clerk.

“He was planning to take the shed down himself but I couldn’t let that happen so I asked the lads to help.

“A team from VIC came out and flattened the shed and it is now going to be removed.

“The shed was so close to the house that if the wind had knocked it down it would have shattered their bathroom window and could have blocked the back door into their home.”

Mr Horsnell said: “The shed was definitely a health risk, and he couldn’t get out into the garden without passing by it. We were very happy to help him.”

Veterans In Communities works throughout East Lancashire helping veterans return, belong and prosper within their communities.

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