A HOUSING site left mostly derelict when Government cash fell through could now be redeveloped.

The site, off Clitheroe Road, within the Brierfield Canal Corridor, was earmarked for transformation in 2008 with Housing Market Renewal funding.

But when the HMR scheme was scrapped the site was left mostly abandoned, with just a few houses in Berkeley Street left standing as some residents refused to sell up.

Last year the final seven properties were demolished and now the site, which also includes Veevers Street, Belgrave Street and Claremont Street, is set to be sold off to the council’s housing partner PEARL2.

Dean Langton, Pendle Council’s head of finance, said: “The site is close to Brierfield Mill and the Quaker Heights development, which are being redeveloped through PEARL2.

“Developing this site through PEARL2 would ensure a consistent design approach in the area and co-ordination of development phasing.”

After looking at the site PEARL2 have come up with a scheme of 46 units, with 22 three-bed houses, 10 two-bed bungalows and 14 three-bed bungalows.

Roman Korol, from the Clitheroe Road Residents’ Association, said: “There is already a lot of development going on in the area now.

“If this site is going to be redevelopment then I just hope it will be of good quality and sympathetic to the area.

“There is a lot of good things happening here with the redevelopment of the mill and this is a great opportunity to continue that with a good quality development.”