A ‘NORMAL’ girl from Padiham has become a national star following a mobile phone network campaign to encourage sharing silly stuff with loved ones.

Jolie Forrest is the face of the new Three advert, set to Starship’s eighties power anthem, ‘We Built This City’.

It’s a shared moment between five-year-old Jolie and her adorably cute pet kitten, Bronte, who perform the purrrrfect duo whilst tearing up a cul-de-sac on a pink tricycle.

Proud parents Jodie and Adam, who live in Cambridge Drive, said the whole family were enjoying the stardom five-year-old Jolie is receiving.

“It has been crazy, we knew the campaign would be massive but not like this, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. We are just a normal family from Padiham and can’t believe that Jolie has become famous so quickly,” said Jodie.

Following the campaign the #SingItKitty hashtag is trending on Twitter and people are sharing funny things, from funny selfies to cute animal pictures.

Auditions for the Three advertisement were open to anyone and the Jolie beat off competition from 600 others, including 200 children from Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Jodie said: “The producers said that they liked her because she was herself. Just normal, happy and comfortable and that’s what Jolie is. She is always willing to entertain the family and that’s what we are used to really. Her agent said that she should audition for this and it all happened so quickly.

“We were just happy that she got a second call following the audition,” said Jodie, who’s brother is actor Andrew Derbyshire, who has appeared in several West End musicals.

Following the release of the advert, the Padiham Green pupil’s school friends gave her a huge round of applause when she returned to school.

“The head teacher Mr Dixon told me that the staff and pupils will be celebrating this week and the school has been cheering her on, it’s so lovely,” said Jodie.

“But she is really quite unfazed by it all and has taken it into her stride. But we are keeping her grounded, we sit around the table and do her spellings every night just like normal.”

Jolie goes to regular classes at Energize dance school and BASICs theatre school, but there’s no plans for any cute kittens being brought home just yet.

“Jolie wants a cat but she was told she couldn’t bring Bronte home, a baby sister will be enough for her when our new baby comes in May,” said Jodie.

“We are more amazed at the feedback that she is getting, people are telling us ‘your daughter is fantastic’. We know she is, but to hear everybody else saying it is just fantastic.”