A PHARMACY delivery driver was left badly shaken up when a van crashed into his car and drove off.

Malcolm Dent, 67, said the white van drove ‘quite fast’ through a red light before ploughing into the side of his vehicle, at the junction of Sowerby Street and Burnley Road, in Padiham.

He was on his way to collect prescriptions for Cohens Chemists, where he has worked for four- and-a-half years.

He fears his vehicle will be written off as a result of damage to his bonnet.

Police are hunting the hit-and-run driver foll-owing the incident on Monday, at 9.15am.

Mr Dent said: “I was just going about my bus-iness when, out of nowh-ere, the van hit me.

“Luckily I wasn’t injur- ed, but I was shaken up.

“The lights were green when I was approaching, and were still green at the junction, so the lights from where the van was coming from were most definitely on red.

“I can’t say what speed he was going, but he was going quite fast.

“Some people came over to see if I was alright. They said they had been in an incident with the driver previously.

“The lady took down his details and called the police straight away.

“I’m very grateful to them for helping me.

“It’s good when people stop and help you when you’re in trouble.”

Cassie O’Neil, superv-isor at Cohens Chemist, in Padiham Road, said: “We’re very thankful to the people who helped Malcolm.

“It must have all happ-ened very fast and their help must have been very useful.”

Inspector Phil Hutch-inson, from Burnley Pol-ice, said: “People don’t expect to be driven into, especially at a red traffic light.

“We have been given a partial registration num- ber for the van by a wit-ness, which is great, but we are appealing for witnesses to come forw-ard and contact us on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.”