RAMSBOTTOM industrial mixing company Joshua Greaves has just celebrated the most profitable year in the company’s 94-year history.

The firm has worked with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) to increase exports by 60 per cent, employment by 35 per cent and turnover by 30 per cent.

Director Edward Greaves said: “Our business has been performing well and we have an impressive client portfolio but we knew we could do better and do more to drive us forward.

“We needed to really challenge what people thought of us and re-educate them on our capabilities.

“We also needed to expand our services to meet the demands and needs of our growing client base.”

Mark Sutherberry, MAS advisor, said: “Joshua Greaves is a great example of a good company that has just got a lot better.

“MAS worked with it to ensure that it now has a brand and a business that is equipped to take on new clients and offer new services for another century to come.

“As a result, the firm is now projecting further sales growth for the next year and is looking to invest further in the plant, equipment and jobs.”