A NURSE who left a wheelchair-bound patient outside in just a night-shirt, as a punishment for banging a tray, has been struck off by a health watchdog.

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) chiefs ruled that Bilquees Akhtar had failed to show any ‘insight or remorse’ concerning a catalogue of misconduct at The Grove nursing home in Burnley.

Akhtar, who was sacked after colleagues compiled a petition urging her dismissal, after a string of complaints, did not attend the London NMC hearing.

But conduct and competence commitee chairman Martin Murphy had no doubts her behaviour merited her erasure from the nursing register.

Striking her off, he said: “Mrs Akhtar had repeatedly failed to make the care of residents her first concern and to treat them with the compassion, respect and dignity which they deserved.”

Mr Murphy also criticised her lack of engagement with the disciplinary procedure and ‘attitude problem’ towards fellow staff members.

He added: “Mrs Akhtar’s misconduct amounted to a serious departure from the standards to be expected of a registered nurse.”

Earlier hearings were told how Akhtar had also ‘shouted in the face’ of another ‘confused’ patient, who had tried to hide medication under his leg.

She told one resident her husband was “a pig” and routinely called her colleagues names.

The nurse was also responsible for serious clinical errors, including making a patient wait five minutes for crucial first-aid because she did not know whether there was a ‘do not resuscitate’ order was in place.

She left another resident so he could not reach an emergency buzzer then told him ‘you have done this to yourself’. Akhtar also failed to attend to an insulin-dependent diabetic patient who was pale and sweaty, after being requested to by a carer.

Only one charge, where Akhtar was said to have forced pills down a patient’s throat, was found not proved.