A PET shop which has been open less than 12 months is to set appear on national TV.

Barrowford Pet Store will star in the Channel Four series Britain’s Secret Shoppers where host Justin Preston tries to turn people into savvy consumers.

The shop applied to feature on the show, which wanted to hear from struggling businesses, after being contacted by the Pet Care Trust.

Alison Owen, who runs the business with husband Chez, said: “They wanted to hear from a pet shop business that was struggling in the economic climate and we thought, we are a new business so naturally we’re struggling so we may as well apply. The following morning the producers got in touch. It all happened very quickly.

“They filmed here on four occasions five months ago but we haven’t seen any of the show yet. We will see it for the first time when it is aired.”

As part of the programme, the presenters go into the shop to film undercover, before showing the footage back to the staff, which Alison described as an ‘eye-opening experience’.

When the show is aired on Thursday, March 14, Alison and Chez will be hosting a charity evening at Barrowford Working Men’s Club.

They will be raising money for the Little LAMB fund for Pendle youngster Louie Jenkins, and for the 2014 Barrowford Show.

During the evening, which begins at 7.30pm, Alison and Chez will be watching the programme for the first time.

Alison said: “Entry to the charity evening will be by a donation. Everybody there will be able to watch us watching ourselves on TV, which will be an interesting experience. There will be nowhere to hide!”