A DOG facing death after attempts to rehome it failed, has been saved by an East Lancashire canine rescue centre.

But the Rossendale-based Paws Rescue and Education centre has been left with a £1,000 vet’s bill after 12-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Layla needed an emergency caesarean section.

The dog was rounded up as a stray in Sheffield and sent to a holding compound which gives owners just seven days to claim the dog before it is put to sleep.

After hearing of the young dog’s plight Paws stepped in to try and save the emaciated dog and its unborn litter.

Stacey Hilton, 26, of Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, who runs the not-for-profit organisation from her home, said: “Layla went into labour as soon as I picked her up. She really struggled to deliver the puppies because she was so under weight.

“Despite the vet trying to induce her twice, they had to perform an emergency caesarean section after the puppies stopped moving. Unfortunately none of the six puppies survived.”

The mum-of-one is now appealing for animal lovers in the area to make donations towards the cost of Layla’s vet bill.

Stacey said: “Currently at Paws we have 22 rescue dogs in foster homes around the UK as well as two cats.

“In the last three months we have managed to rehome 15 dogs that were all facing being put down.

“Layla is a young dog with a lovely temperament who could give a family many years of enjoyment.

“In the last couple of weeks the centre’s funds have been spent trying to nurse back to health two severely emaciated dogs and that is why I am appealing to all the animal lovers out there for donations. The vet bill is £1,000 and thanks to friends of the centre we now only have to find £673.”

For more information or to donate, visit www. paws-rescue-education-webs.com.