PENDLE MP Andrew Stephenson has discussed the importance of businesses taking responsibility in preventing suicide.

He spoke in the House of Commons during a general debate on lowering the rate of suicides, and brought up the issue of the Pendle Rise car park in Nelson.

Mr Stephenson said: “In January, suicide-proof fencing was installed at a multi-storey car park in Nelson, from which eight people have died in the past 10 years and a further 18 people have had to be talked down by police.

“I raised this issue on the Floor of the House in October 2010 in an Adjournment Debate, yet it still took the car park owners years to act.”

After the debate, Mr Stephenson said the main issue had been that the company which owned the building had gone into administration, meaning it took a while to have the railings installed.

He said: “I am delighted it has finally been sorted out, but it underlines the fact that we all have a role to play in preventing suicide.”