A BURNLEY bus station customer services officer was racially abused by a drunken teen he was trying to restrain, a court was told.

Naqash Ahmed feared for his safety and thought he was going to be spat at in the incident at 7.30am on January 19. Mr Ahmed was to tell police the insults hurled by Kyle Killian made him feel like a lower class citizen, Burnley magistrates heard.

Killian, 18, who had been on cider and vodka, remembered nothing about the outburst and didn't know why he had been locked up. He apologised after he was shown CCTV coverage of the trouble.

The defendant, of Old Accrington Road, Burnley, admitted racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence by words. He was sent to an attendance centre for 36 hours and must pay a £60 victim surcharge.

Andrew Robinson, prosecuting, said Mr Ahmed saw Killian apparently following a female. He asked him if he was catching a bus and Killian stepped forward towards swinging his right arm. Mr Ahmed grabbed his arm, pushed him to the ground and restrained him. The hearing was told Killian then racially abused Mr Ahmed.

Mark Williams, for Killian, said he had learning difficulties.