A TEENAGE lout being tasered threatened to burn a police officer's house down, a court heard.

Darryl Grant Dyson, 19, had been holding a metal pole, a metre in length, as if ready to strike somebody after police had been called to trouble in Spencer Street, Burnley.

Dyson, said to have been kicking a door, had been chased down a back alley, had stood shouting and had then picked up the pole off the ground.

Burnley Magistrates were told he became increasingly aggressive, ended up being tasered, was still shouting and yelled at police: "I know you now . I'm going to find where you live. I'm going to burn your house down."

In a separate incident, Dyson, was said to have been drunk, had taken a friend's car from outside a supermarket and crashed it into a vehicle, leaving £300 damage and the victim feeling betrayed.

Dyson, 19, was locked up for a total of 20 weeks.

The defendant, of Howsin Street, Burnley, admitted aggravated vehicle taking, no insurance, no licence, failing to surrender and threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said the car owner Daniel Sturdy had given the defendant the keys so he could get a tissue from the car. He drove off and hit the parked vehicle in Elm Street, Burnley.

Mr Sturdy said he had tried to look out for Dyson and his family had taken him into their home for six months and fed him when he had been having troubles.

The victim added: "And this is how he repays me."

Nick Cassidy, for Dyson, said the defendant maintained he and Mr Sturdy had had an argument and he had been assaulted. The solicitor said: "He accepts, because he was upset, he took Mr Sturdy's vehicle."

On December 30, the day of the incident, he had been upset about eviction proceedings. The threats he had made were empty and he had no intention of following them through, he added.