WORK to stop a flooding risk to homes in Nelson has been hailed a big success.

There were fears of flooding to properties near Marsden Park Golf Course last year due to drainage issues nearby.

But recent work by the council to try and solve the problem has proved successful, with recent heavy rain not causing the same problems.

Local councillor Tommy Cooney said: “I went up to see the problem for myself several times.

“After heavy rain there was literally a river flowing from the golf course down towards residents’ homes in the Linkside area and I could see they were worried.

“I realised very quickly that if something wasn’t done soon, there was going to be a real threat to property.

“Thankfully we at Pendle Borough Council were able to act quickly and get the problem fixed by improving the drainage in a short space of time. Since then the problem has not recurred.”

The council spent under £5,000 on fixing the problem, which saw excessive rainfall run off the golf course into Deerstone Road.

A Pendle Council spokesman said: “The golf course had some ditching that went into an old stone culvert that had blocked in the past.

“Our drainage team put in a headwall and improved the entrance to the stone culvert.

“The team also found that the French drain, (a stone drain with pipe at the bottom) that protects all the houses at the bottom, was blocked.

“They cleaned this drain and made sure it was fully working again. They also did a bit of earth work to protect the houses at the bottom.”