A WOMAN who barged her way into a grandmother’s house, attacked her and gave her a black eye and other injuries, was jailed for nine months.

Vicky Fisk, 20, had snatched the terrified victim's phone off her as she was calling the police, in the premeditated incident.

The phone had family photos on it and the woman didn't get it back.

Fisk then set about the victim, punching her so hard she went to the floor and was cowering as she tried to protect herself.

The defendant's partner stopped the assault and told Fisk not to do it, but she hit the woman five more times to the head before she was halted again.

Fisk then threatened if the police turned up at her own door, she would petrol bomb the victim's home, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Fisk, of Woodbine Road, Burnley, who has parental responsibility for four children, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and theft. She was sent to detention.

The court was told Fisk had convictions for police assault, but last committed an offence of violence two years ago. She and others had gone into the latest victim's house, knowing she was on the phone to police, Fisk didn't want her to be and grabbed the phone.

The woman suffered a ‘humiliating’ black eye, bruises, back pain, concussion and was terrified. After the attack, the woman was not able to take her grandchildren to school, was frightened of going to the shops and couldn't really go anywhere on her own.

Simon Gurney, defending, said Fisk pleaded guilty at an early stage and she was one of a number of people who attended at the address. The barrister added: “The injuries, although unpleas-ant, were not serious within the context of this offence.”

Sentencing, Judge Graham Knowles, QC, said Fisk had had a difficult life, had managed to keep away from violent crime for a couple of years and had some positives in her life. But, he said, the victim was assaulted in her own home and it had had ongoing effects on her. The judge told Fisk: “You began it because you resented her speaking to the police.”