BOSSES at the ACE Centre have been censured for plastering trees and lamp-posts in Nelson town centre with flyers advertising their latest events.

One Nelson councillor said that if any other firm had put posters up advertising their business, they would have been prosecuted by the council.

Coun Eileen Ansar said: “For two weeks running, the ACE Centre has put posters up on bits of street furniture around the town centre, on lamp-posts, trees and flower baskets.

“If someone else had come along and tied posters to street furniture like this, we would have them done for fly-postering.

“The most recent one had mountains of arrows directing people to the ACE Centre all over the town, it was a complete eyesore.

“In the most recent instance they had to be rung up three days after the event had happened to be asked to remove them.

“I rang the ACE Centre and asked politely would they take them down, and I was told to go through the right channels.

“We should write a letter to the ACE Centre telling them that if they fly-poster again they will be taken to court just like anybody else.”

The promotion of events at Pendle Leisure Trust venues was raised during a recent scrutiny review by Pendle Council.

Coun Richard Smith said: “The advertising of events at the ACE Centre came up in a recent scrutiny review of the venue and it was said there was room for improvement, but we didn’t mean this.”

Coun Ansar said: “I think the ACE Centre is fantastic for the town, we have just booked it for the Pride of Nelson awards, but this shouldn’t be happening.”