VILLAGERS are objecting to plans for a 55-metre high wind turbine on a farm near their homes.

Ken Tyson wants to install the single turbine at Causewayside Farm, in Long Causeway, Cliviger, and has sent the plans to Burnley Council.

But people who live nearby fear it will cast a large shadow across the landscape and spoil the visual merits of the area.

Cliviger Parish Council is now lodging an official objection to the plans.

Coal Clough Wind Farm, which consists of 24 turbines, has stood on the moors above Cliviger since 1992.

Earlier this year the Government introduced a ‘feed-in tariff’, which pays owners of small scale renewable energy devices a fixed premium for every unit of electricity generated.

Mr Tyson’s turbine would generate enough energy for his own farm and would also be connected to the National Grid, earning him money.

Villagers discussed the plans at a meeting of Cliviger Parish Council on Friday.

After the meeting Coun Michael Heys said: “Due to the strong public objection the parish council had to put in an objection raising concerns brought up by members of the public.

“Personally I think the gentleman who has put the application in could site the turbine more sensitively because where he is proposing to put it is right on the skyline.”

Mr Tyson’s turbine would be bigger than those at Coal Clough.

Coun Heys accused Burnley Council’s planning officers of not consulting with enough people.

He said: “It’s going to have a huge visual impact on residents in Cliviger, not just those at the meeting, but those in Red Lees Road who probably don’t even know this has gone in.

“They can’t accuse residents of being NIMBYs because at the end of the day there are enough turbines here and they don’t have such a huge visual impact.”

Coun David Heginbotham added: “The residents are up in arms because of the visual impact. Somebody has mentioned shadows from the turbines.

“I am all in favour of renewable energy but this is a very delicate one because I can understand the feelings of the residents.”

Attempts to contact Mr Tyson yesterday were unsuccessful.