SPEED limits along three of Burnley's busiest roads are set to be cut.

The A646 Rossendale Road, home to Lancashire's second most prolific speed camera, will be reduced to 30mph.

The move will affect the whole route between Cemetery Lane and Creswick Avenue, including Rossendale Road and Glen View Road.

Centenary Way will also be reduced from 40mph to 30mph and part of Burnley Road, Hapton, between Bentley Wood Way and Manchester Road, currently national speed limit, will be cut to 50mph.

Objections have been lodged over the changes by drivers, particularly for the Rossendale Road and Centenary Way proposals.

They say the A646 is a primary route between East Lancashire and West Yorkshire, and should be left alone.

And the affected part of Centenary Way mainly incorporates the flyover, which is lightly developed and has adequate pedestrian crossings already.

But the changes have raised no opposition from Lancashire Police or Burnley Council.

In a report, environment director Jo Turton said: “The A646 Rossendale Road and Glen View Road is a primary route with a key strategic importance.

“However the high accident rate, level of development and use along this section suggests that a 30mph speed limit may be more appropriate than the existing 40mph limit.”

And she told county councillors that Centenary Way was used by many pedestrians.

Mrs Turton added: “The A671 is subject to considerable development in the Burnley town centre area.

“A large superstore and bus station is situated along the relevant length with vehicle access points on both sides of the carriageway operated by a signalised junction.”

County highways have agreed to review a plea by Hapton Parish Council to consider further speed changes along the A679.