A SYMPOSIUM was held to express solidarity with Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Organised by the Burnley and Pendle Friends League, it took place at St Luke's Parish Hall in St James Street, Brierfield.

The Symposium brought together faith, community and political leaders from Burnley and Pendle to discuss the genocide against the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State in Myanmar.

The community, mosque, church and political leaders expressed their solidarity with Rohingya Muslims with MPs Andrew Stephenson and Julie Cooper taking part in panel chaired by Mozaquir Ali, general secretary of Burnley and Pendle Friends League.

The Symposium concluded with a number of resolutions calling for attacks against the Rohingya to stop immediately which were presented to Mrs Cooper and Mr Stephenson to take forward to the Foreign Office.

Mr Ali said: "The international Community have so far failed to protect the Rohingya Community in Myanmar and must now come to their aid in humanity by putting aside their material interest.

"We are witnessing a state led systematic crime against humanity and that cannot be acceptable.

"The victims must be protected and the criminals brought to justice.

"The resolutions unanimously agreed at the Symposium sends a clear message for the Government from People of Burnley and Pendle as what we should be aiming for in resolving this grave matter."