RADIO 1 DJ and proud Claret Jordan North this weekend made an impassioned plea to Gary Lineker for Burnley not to be shown last on Match of the Day.

North used his Radio 1 show to broadcast his frustrations – felt by many fans of ‘less fashionable’ Premier League teams – that his beloved Burnley are always left until the end of the football highlights programme.

BBC Radio 1's Jordan North said: "Now Gary I respect you as a former footballer and a broadcaster but I have had enough.

"On behalf of Burnley FC and every other small team in the Premier League I am taking a stand.

We are fed up of being at the bottom of the pile.


"No more will we stand by and let you throw us on at the end of the programme. We are not having it.

"Okay we don't play fancy football and we don't have multi million pound signings.

"We have got what you might call an old fashioned manager and we still have wooden seats in the stadium but I tell you what we do have Gary, we have pride and we have passion.

"We are what the Premier League is about, a small East Lancashire football club that one day dared to dream.

"We made it to the Premier League and then we went back down but then we made it again and went back down.

"But last season we stayed up. We fought.

"We played football the Sean Dyche way and this season we have already beat Chelsea away from home, got a point against Spurs at Wembley and last week we got another point at Liverpool so Gary Lineker please please will you start to show more Burnley games at the start of Match of the Day?"

After the impassioned plea Lineker told the DJ that Burnley had already been shown first on Match of the Day.

The MOTD presenter said: "Listen here. You've already started on the top of the first Match of the Day of the season.

"The first game we showed this season was Chelsea v Burnley.” Burnley went on to draw 0-0 with Huddersfield Town and were shown last and Lineker tweeted..