A VIOLENT thug who told her Godmother that she would 'cave her head in' while holding a brick has been spared jail.

Burnley Crown Court heard Ella Elizabeth MacDermid, 25, of Langdale Road, Padiham, was 'egged on' by her partner Kayleigh Anne Atkinson during the neighbour dispute on April 5.

And Atkinson, 22, formerly of Langdale Road, Padiham, later returned to the scene and began swinging around a baseball bat.

Prosecuting Emma Kehoe said victim Juliette Robinson had been friends with MacDermid's mother but there had been a falling out before she died. That created bad blood between the defendant and Ms Robinson.

The animosity continued when MacDermid and Atkinson saw Ms Robinson and her partner Craig Heyes entering Tesco in Padiham on the evening of April 5.

Both defendants shouted abuse at Ms Robinson as they went into the store. The court heard that Ms Robinson was concerned the abuse would continue after they had finished shopping but as she left the store with Mr Heyes the defendant had left.

But it was when they returned home that the altercation became more serious.

CCTV footage played in court showed Ms Robinson and Mr Heyes pulling up in their Volkswagen people carrier and MacDermid approach the vehicle carrying a brick over her head.

Ms Kehoe said: "When they turned up at their home address it became apparent the two young girls were on the street. Ms Robinson became concerned straight away, It transpired she had good reason to be concerned.

"She was getting the shopping out of her car. She heard her partner Mr Heyes in conversation with the two girls. They were shouting abuse at him and calling him names.

"Ms MacDermid had a brick in her hand. It was described as being held over her head in a threatening manner. Both Mr Heyes and Mr Robinson were concerned for their own safety. Mr Heyes was asking Ms MacDermid to put the brick down. She was being jeered on by her co-defendant."

CCTV footage showed how MacDermid then threw the brick at Ms Robinson who had shielded behind her open front door. The brick missed Ms Robinson but bounced off her car, causing just over £500 damage.

Ms Robinson then ran towards MacDermid to plead with her to leave. But MacDermid pulled the victim to the ground by the ponytail and then punched her and kneed her while she was on the ground, causing a bust nose an reddening to the face. MacDermid, who is a carer for her father and younger sister, did suffer injury after being hit by Ms Robinson but the prosecution said the victim was acting in self defence.

As Mr Heyes attempted to help his partner he was blocked off by Atkinson, who works as a chef. When he did eventually manage to pull MacDermid off Atkinson continued the assault on Ms Robinson, the court heard.

The defendants only left the scene when another neighbour intervened.

But Atkinson went to her house and returned with a baseball bat, Ms Kehoe said.

She began swinging it at Mr Heyes who had to retreat to avoid being hit.

When told to stop by a neighbour Atkinson said: "Why should I. He's fat."

Ms Kehoe said: "Both complainants said they were frightened and it was a relief when the police came."

Both women were arrested.

On the day or trial MacDermid pleaded guilty to criminal damage, possessing an offensive weapon, assault and making threats of violence.

Atkinson pleaded guilty to making threats of violence, possessing an offensive weapon and breaching the terms of a conditional discharge for criminal damage.

Defending MacDermid, Philip Holden said: "She lost her temper. She absolutely accepts that. She saw red against a background of animosity."

Defending Atkinson, Mr Holden said his client is in work and able to make 'modest recompense'.

Concerned that sending the girls to immediate custody would fuel further bad blood, Judge Gary Woodhall warned the defendants to stay away from their victims.

Judge Recorder Woodhall said: "This was a sustained, unpleasant, threatening incident which played out on the victims' front door step,"

MacDermid was given a 12-month sentence, suspended for 15 months, while Atkinson's eight month sentence was also suspended for 15 months. MacDermid must do a 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement and Atkinson must do 15 days. Atkinson must pay £500 compensation.

A restraining order was made banning the defendants from contacting the victims or their three children.