PADIHAM Sports Club is seeking a financial backer for the first time in its 64-year history.

The club, which is the trustee of the Arbories Memorial Sports Ground, wants to form a ‘partnership’ so it can continue to invest in facilities for the town.

The sports club and ground was formed in 1948 as a living memorial to the men from Padiham who died during the Second World War.

Now Padiham Football Club and Padiham Cricket Club play at the ground, and sports club secretary Alan Smith said the time had come to seek investment.

He said: “It is a jewel in the crown for Padiham, there are not many towns this size that has a facility like this.

“We are the trustees of the ground and the two clubs pay us a fee each year to use the ground, but obviously times are hard for everyone at the moment, and we felt it was time to look for a partner.

“We have used the term partnership rather than sponsorship, as that is how we see it, if somebody wants to come on board in any way we are prepared to listen. Somebody may want a name attached to the ground, and we will listen and talk to interested parties, but there will be limitations as well.”

The football club and cricket club now operate around 12 teams from the ground.

Mr Smith said: “The sports club has always been run by volunteers, and it is a fantastic asset for Padiham.

“Like everything it has to evolve, but most importantly it is a memorial to those men from Padiham who died in the war, and that is how it should remain.”