AN off-licence in Darwen could lose its licence to sell alcohol after failing two consecutive underage test purchases.

The licence holder of Lynwood Wines, Blackburn Road, Muhammad Shuaib Iqbal, could have his premises licence suspended for three months.

Police twice sent two girls aged 14 and 15 into the store, and both times they were able to purchase a bottle of wine.

In six test purchases since 2010, the store has failed four.

The first test purchase operation was on December 22 last year, when police officers along with Trading Standards sent in the two girls.

Without question, they were able to buy a £6.99 bottle of win from the shop.

On February 3, they visited again. The man serving asked the girls for ID, and when they said they didn’t have it he told them to make sure they brought it next time and sold them a £5.99 bottle of wine.

On both occasions, the seller, two different men who were not the shop owner, were taken to Blackburn Police Station and warned about their actions.

They were both sent on Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing courses.

Earcroft councillor Anthony Meleady, who also owns a pub in Darwen, said: “I am very happy to see the selling of alcohol to underage children being clamped down on.

“Unfortunately it is the plight of our trade.

“The more the police can do on this the better.”

Earcroft town councillor Stephen Potter said: “When the previous owner had it it wasn’t a problem. But the staff now haven’t a clue.

“I hope they do lose their licence as it is damaging the community.”

Mr Iqbal was unavailable for comment.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council’s licensing committee will consider suspending the licence at a meeting on Tuesday.