RESIDENTS in Cranberry Lane have joined forces to oppose plans for 110 new houses behind their homes.
Bloor Homes has unveiled plans to build at Kirkhams Farm, on the field behind the row of terraced houses in the street.
The potential development comes after the site was identified in Blackburn with Darwen’s Local Plan as the council aims to meet Government house-building targets.
Consultations and public meetings about the proposal have taken place, but an official planning application is yet to be submitted.
And outraged locals have slammed the plans, claiming the access road cannot handle the increase in traffic and that wildlife will be badly affected.
A Facebook group called ‘Save Cranberry Lane from development’ was set up by residents of Cranberry Lane almost immediately after the initial proposal, which now has almost 300 members.
Terry Smethurst, one of the residents, said: “This lane has a history of poor and dangerous access and yet these plans seem to have been sealed with no consideration for local residents of other people, some quite elderly, who walk this lane using the public footpaths, but at the same time having to navigate from one side of the road to the other, between the multitude of parked cars.
“Wildlife in the area will also be badly affected by this building project, in particular owls, bats, birds, badgers and deer that graze and cross from Jacks Key woods and will lose their habitat.
“Elderly residents are afraid to cross the road due to increased traffic up and down the single track lane since the building of houses at the top of Cranberry Lane a few years ago.
“We are all aware that the Government has promised to deliver new homes in the area, but the health and safety aspect must be first and foremost.
“For all who wish to keep the area safe, please write to your MP and the Highways Agency and help to put a stop to this ridiculous building project.”