A Blackburn Rovers fan fell foul of a football banning order after one of the mates he travelled with on the train to London posted a picture on twitter of “the lads” outside a pub in the capital.

Blackburn magistrates heard as a result police interviewed Luke Jolley and he admitted he had travelled by train but had not gone to the match against Charlton.

But his banning order prohibited him from entering the rail network on any day when Rovers were playing away.

Jolley, 20, of Lynwood Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a football banning order. He was fined £80 with £105 costs.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said the FBO had been imposed by Bolton Magistrates in April 2013 following a public order offence connected to the away game against Bolton. It had all the usual conditions plus one that prohibited him from entering the rail network on any day Blackburn were playing away in the UK.

“Police received information he had travelled to London and subsequently saw a picture of him outside a pub next to Euston station,” said Mr Robinson.

Damian Pickup, defending, said it was important to emphasise that his client had not gone to the match against Charlton.

“He was aware that he could not go to the match because of the FBO and that if he did he would be in serious trouble,” said Mr Pickup. “Unfortunately he was subject to this relatively unusual condition not to enter the rail network. He was not aware of the condition. He thought if he kept so many miles away from the ground and drank in the pubs in Euston he would be fine.”

Mr Pickup said being outside the pub in London where he was photographed was not a breach of the order.

“Had he travelled by car or coach he would not have been in breach of the order,” said Mr Pickup. “When he was questioned by police he admitted going down with his mates on the train. Had he said nothing he probably wouldn’t have been charged.”