A 'CHILDISH' man who partly trashed his mother's home wrecked Pink Floyd memorabilia and a £1,000 NHS sleep apnoea machine, a court heard.

Christopher Little, 27, had a tantrum after the victim texted him saying he could no longer live at the home she shared with her partner, Burnley magistrates were told.

He wrecked collectors' items, including a £150 back stage pass for the super-group and discs worth £300.

Magistrates heard how jobless Little had hurled possessions around the living room and kitchen and covered his mother's bed in shaving foam in the drunken outburst on May 23. He also stole cash in a tin.

Little claimed he knew nothing about the sleep apnoea machine, but the bench said he had damaged items of a sensitive nature and must have known what it was.


Magistrates chairman Stephen Riley added: “This was a clear breach of trust."

Little, of Cleveland Street, Colne, admitted damage and theft. He was given a three month curfew and must pay £260 compensation.

Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said Karen Little, who found her house in disarray when she returned home with her partner at 1am, was upset by what had happened.

Little was arrested and interviewed and said he had been in a rage. The prosecutor said the total amount of damage was £1,578.

Mark Williams, defending, said Little had been living temporarily with his mother after falling out with his partner.

He had gone out and had received a text message, telling him he had to move out of the house. He went back to get his things, but had had quite a lot to drink.

Mr Williams added: “When he went into the house, he accepts he lost his temper and had something of a tantrum.

“He felt this came from her partner rather than his mum. He had been given information, which may be inaccurate, that he may have been violent towards his mum.”

Mr Williams said: “It was a very foolish, childish, thing and he realises that. It's very embarrassing to him.

“The defendant has a lengthy record, but he was keeping himself out of bother. He has now moved back with his girlfriend."