A CRICKET club has vowed to spend ‘thousands’ improving security after being targeted by burglars twice in three days.

Whalley Cricket Club was hit during the evenings of Wednesday and Friday last week.

A spokesman for the club said on Twitter that it needed ‘the loyal support of our fans even more’ following the incidents which have left members ‘shocked and angry’.

On Wednesday, ‘extensive damage’ was caused to the cellar, with raiders forcing open the empty till and damaging the clubhouse.

Two days later, burglars got through the same cellar door, which had been boarded up. More damage was caused to the cellar, doors and the bar area. The till was opened but was empty.

A television worth around £400 was stolen. The door to the storecupboard was forced open and the contents ‘strewn around the place’. Doors were almost forced off their hinges and their windows were smashed.

The club will now look at how to increase security .

Simon Ditchfield, junior co-ordinator at the club, said: “The first time it happened it was upsetting but you could also shrug it off a bit because it hasn’t happened for four years.

“When I got a call a couple of days later I was shocked. Fans have been told about the break-ins and are very angry.

“We don’t want the club to look like a prisoner of war camp and make it look like we live in a bad area but we have no choice but to increase the security.

“The final costs of that are yet to be decided but they will be in the thousands.

“They made a real mess. Things were smashed up very badly. We have no paid staff and it’s not worth claiming insurance because our premium will go up.”

PC Alison Hargreaves said: “We are appealing for anyone with information to get in contact through Clitheroe Police Station, or through the neighbourhood office on 01200 458766.”