A 46-YEAR-OLD man has gone on trial accused of historic indecent assault charges against two boys.

Nazir Master, of Langham Road, Blackburn, is said to have used ‘ploys’ to get the children into his house where he ‘could abuse them sexually’.

Preston Crown Court was told the defendant had encouraged the first youngster into his home in the late 1980s by saying they could watch football together.

But once the boy, who was aged nine or 10, got into Master’s house, the defendant allegedly wrestled him to the ground and climbed on top of him.

Prosecuting, Nick Kennedy said the victim had not understood what was going on because of his age.

He said: “He did feel very uncomfortable about it and it upset him, but initially just thought it was a case of the wrestle or the play fight going a stage too far.”

The jury was told the boy was again assaulted by Master, who had said he urgently needed to speak to the boy about some DIY.

Mr Kennedy said: “This was simply a rouse or a ploy in order to get the young lad inside the house with him.”

Once inside the property, Master is alleged to have grabbed the boy’s hand and forced him to indecently touch the defendant.


The prosecutor said: “He felt pretty gutted about it. He felt like he was being used and he was being bullied.

“Because of his faith as a Muslim, he did not feel able to tell anyone, not least because in his situation sex was never really discussed and he was scared his parents would tell him off or brush it under the carpet and just ignore it. So he kept quiet.

“It was only last year when the complainant was much older, a mature adult with young children of his own, that he felt able to speak out about what had happened to him.”

The barrister said the alleged victim felt he ‘had to speak out’ when he discovered Master had contact with children at a mosque.

He called the NSPCC who advised him to report the matter to the police, the court heard.

The second boy was assaulted in the 1990s when he was 14 or 15.

The jury heard how Master tried to coax the teen into his house, again under the pretence of needing help with DIY.

But when the defendant asked him an inappropriate question, the youngster left.

The boy next went to the house after the defendant spoke to his mother asking if he could help with accountancy papers.

Master is said to have taken the boy upstairs where he indecently assaulted him. The attack stopped when somebody was heard coming up the stairs, the jury was told.

The defendant is accused of making the same teenager go to his house again, where he assaulted him in his car.

Master denies four counts of indecent assault.