A MAN accused of repeatedly raping a 'terrified' teenager after dragging her down a ginnel in Colne, sexually attacked a pensioner in a Nelson street 10 years ago, the jury heard.

Adam Collier, now 26, had grabbed hold of the 71-year-old victim from behind at night and forced her to the ground as she screamed for help, in March 2004. The defendant had shouted at the woman to shut up, she was going to enjoy it, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The hearing was told Collier was disturbed when a car was heard approaching and he stopped and ran off. The vicim got up, went to a nearby house and called the police. The defendant had been arrested and interviewed and denied the offence.

Prosecutor Richard Haworth told the jury in the rape trial that Collier, who has previously lived in Nelson, was convicted of indecent assault on a female, on July 16, 2004 at the court.

Mr Haworth said that in December 2012, the defendant had been convicted, again at Burnley Crown Court, of breaching a sexual offences prevention order, by having deliberate contact with a female under 16, when he was prohibited from doing so.

Collier, from Colne, but of no fixed address, denies three charges of rape, two counts of assault by penetration and three allegations of sexual assault.

The court has heard how Collier was said to have also forced other sex acts on the sobbing 17-year-old, as he told her to be quiet during the alleged attack in a shed in a dark, dirty and freezing garden area, last November. The defendant is alleged to have told the teenager, who was left injured, he had a knife.

The jury was told when Collier was arrested at his mother's address at Birtwistle Avenue, Colne, and interviewed, he at first declined to answer questions. He then asked for a further consultation with his solicitor and after that started to answer questions put to him.

The defendant, the hearing was told, claimed everything that happened had been consensual and normal sex.

Collier had told the police: "I didn't need to force anything on her. She liked me. She fancied me."