FIREFIGHTERS are urging parents to warn their children about the dangers of prank calls.
The warning came after a crew in Blackburn was called to a fire by children who made a false call as part of a game.
Firefighters from Blackburn Fire Station were called out at 8am on Friday when a child called 999 and hung up half way through the call.
The child said there was a fire and it was not clear if they had hung up or been disconnected.
A crew from Blackburn Fire Station attended the call out at Romney Walk in Blackburn, where it emerged it was a prank. Firefighters spoke to two children and their parent about the dangers of prank calls.
Crew Manager Lee Cook said: “It was unclear from the call whether there was a real danger, so we sent a crew.
“They were two primary school age children and I spoke to them both about how serious their actions could be. We cannot be in two places at once and people can die as a result. Their mother was very shocked and hadn’t realised they had called the fire service.”