TRIBUTES have been paid to a ‘popular and loving’ teenager who died at her home.

Megan Spellman-Ross, 19, was found not breathing in bed by her mum and paramedics were unable to revive her.

The official cause of death is still unknown after the results of the post mortem proved inconclusive but her parents said that she could have suffered a seizure whilst in bed on March 3.


Megan, from Chatburn, had been diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis when she was six-months-old, a condition that includes epilepsy and she had to undergo tests and scans at hospitals every month to help her treatment.

The former Bowland High School student was studying for a humanities degree with the Open University from her home in Downham Road after completing her A-Levels at St Mary’s College in Blackburn.

Her dad, Dave Spellman, 50, said that her condition, which she ‘never allowed to be dominated or defined by’, seemed to have been improving over the last few months and that her death came ‘out of the blue’.

He said: “It has come as a huge shock to the whole family and the enormity of what happened is just sinking in.

“Her condition seemed to have been improving recently and she had just switched on to new medication. This has really come out of the blue.

“Megan never let her medical complications do- minate her or define her and she never made a big deal of them.

“It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that she will not be with us again.

“She had been planning a trip to Rome with a friend and had never been abroad before on her own.

“She was compassionate and had a very gentle nature.”

Her mum, Juile, 50, said: “I was working from home as I do sometimes and I noticed at around lunchtime that she had not appeared. I had heard her get up earlier in the day.

“I went into her room and found that she wasn’t breathing. I tried to help her and I called for an ambulance which came very quickly.

“They did everything they could but they were not able to revive her.

“She always got excellent care from her doctor, Karl Rakshi, at Royal Blackburn Hospital.”

John Tarbox, head teacher at Bowland High School, said: “Megan was a very happy and delightful girl.

“She was the recipient of the Georgina Award at the end of year 11 in recognition of her attitude to school and the way she confronted the challenges.

“Our thoughts are very much with Megan's family and her friends at this time and in particular with Beth, Megan's sister, who is on our roll in year 11.”

The funeral service will be held on Monday at Skipton Crematorium from 11am.

And donations will be accepted towards The Malala Fund.