THE ENERGY Zone and the THOMAS centre are holding a guitar amnesty over the next four weeks, hoping to collect enough musical instruments to provide music lessons for men going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

THOMAS, based in France Street, takes people from within prison or hospital, through detox and residential rehabilitation, and provides holistic recovery services.

The Energy Zone has been hosting art classes for THOMAS’ service users and organisers say they have been immeasurably popular as it allows them to ‘express themselves in a medium other than words’.

Donna Talbot, project manager at The Energy Zone, said: “These lads can come in to the centre, feeling down but by the time they’ve finished their art, they have completely turned it around.

“A lot of the lads are interested in music and we really want to be able to provide that outlet for them but sadly, I’m not musical myself and so that’s why we’re appealing for help.”

The Energy Zone will now act as a drop-off point for any unwanted guitars.

It is also appealing to any generous music teachers or guitarists to volunteer some time to work with the bunch of eager new students.

Donna added: “The benefits of music therapy are just astounding and it really does make a difference to people’s lives.

“Instead of sitting around watching telly or being on their own, they will be working together, learning a new skill and expressing themselves.”

To donate a guitar or to offer to teach, call Donna on 01254 291278 or email