A £28,000 project to plant 7,000 new trees to create a new community woodland is set to begin.

Paths, entrances, and signs at Spout House Wood, in Bolton Avenue, will also be upgraded after funding was approved.

Oak, birch, rowan, wild cherry, hazel, holly and other varieties of tree will be planted, with plans being discussed at a public meeting on Thursday.

The trees are expected to attract wildlife, which could include the chequered skipper butterfly, the blue ground beetle and a weevil called Procus Granulicllis, which are all attracted by oak trees.

The fruits which grow on rowan trees also attract several varieties of bird, which also feast on holly berries during winter.

Council leader Miles Parkinson said: “This community woodland will be a great resource for the Huncoat area. There will be lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved to help make it happen.

“Planting trees is a great way to make a real difference to your local area, so please bring your friends and family and have a go.

“Lots of people are already interested in doing some practical activities, and maybe supporting a ‘Friends’ group to help care for the woodland as a local resource.”

The meeting, from 7pm at the Griffin Head pub, in Burnley Road, will be followed by a woodland activity day in March.

Posters will provide more information in the future, the council said. The day will feature a woodlands craft demo, the chance to learn more about trees, and to have fun in the company of other local people.

The Spout House Wood project is a collaboration between the borough and county councils under the Woodlands from Waste programme.

It is hoped carbon absorbed by the trees will balance carbon emissions from the activities needed to dispose of the borough’s .

The scheme received the financial backing of the Forestry Commission, which gave £28,000, and further grant bids are being prepared for improvements to the pathways.

For more information, or to get involved in the project, call senior environmental initiatives officer, Anne Hourican, on 01254 388111, or email anne.hourican@hyndburnb c.gov.uk