RESIDENTS in Blackburn and Darwen are being advised by the council to protect themselves over the winter months.

The borough has high rates of winter hospital admissions, compared to the average in England, and the estimated cost of excess emergency admissions in the winter of 2009/10 was almost £3m above the England average.

Because of this, the council has published its own ‘top tips’:

  • Set your heating to the right temperature (18-21°C)
  • Have a flu jab Look out for friends relatives, and neighbours, who may be vulnerable to the cold
  • Stay tuned to the weather forecast and plan ahead with supplies
  • Have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day and keep active to help stay warm
  • Seek financial support to make your home more energy efficient
  • Have heating and cooking appliances checked regularly
  • Wear a few layers of thin clothing, rather than one thick layer, and when you need to go outside, wear shoes with slip resistant, good grip soles.