EAST Lancashire muscle men will go head-to-head in a new strongman competition to be held later this year.

Bosses at Mill Gym in Lower Darwen have launched the contest to raise cash for the East Lancashire Hospice.

The contest will take place in Darwen’s Market Square on Saturday, April 27, and will see competitors battle it out over five events: l Log press – lifting a large log above the head.

  • Yoke – weights attached to a frame that is lifted and carried.
  • Repetitive dead lift – picking up a heavily loaded barbell and straightening the body.
  • Barrel carry – carrying as many beer barrels in a certain time.
  • Tyre flip – flipping over a 180kg tyre to move it a certain distance.

Hannah Gee, from the gym, said the competitors, although strong, would not be the huge muscular men seen on TV’s World’s Strongest Man, such as East Lancashire strongman Mark Felix.

She said: “They aren’t all big guys like on TV, these are working men who come and train at the gym.

“We want to show the town what we can do and it will bring something new.

“We hope to make it an annual event.”

Hannah said there will be bucket collections taking place around the town centre during the event.

She said: “We wanted to do it for the hospice as most of our customers know someone who has had cancer.Anyone can come down and watch and there will be collections on the day.”

There will be three classes of competitor at the event, one for first-timers below 95kg, one for those with little or no experience and one for the more experienced.