A FOOTBALL team that can lay claim to being the worst in the country has won its first ever game – after five years and 100 games of trying.

Huncoat United Under 15s finally tasted victory after beating Accrington and District Boys’ League rivals Brierfield Celtic 2-0.

During that long wait for a win, Huncoat have conceded an incredible 933 goals and have scored just 51. But despite the unwanted record, manager Paul Chadwick, who has been with the team throughout, said he wouldn’t swap his players for anyone.

“We might be the worse team in Britain but we are the happiest,” said Paul, who set up the team so he sons Joshua and Jordan could play football.

“It’s easy to play in a team that wins all the time but these boys turn up every week and enjoy themselves. For me, that is was the game is all about.

“But I am delighted that they can finally say they have won a game of football.”

Paul, who runs the team with his assistant Saleem Ditta, admitted it was a feeling of sheer relief rather than one of ecstasy after ending the winless run stretching over five seasons.

In that time, Huncoat have drawn just a few games – the last at the end of 2011.

“I think we were all just stunned,” said Paul after the historic win at Highams Playing Fields, Accrington.

“All the boys were jumping up and down in the centre circle after the final whistle, I joined them and so did all the parents.

“We were all delighted but it was more a feeling of sheer relief that we had finally won our first game.”

Paul said there were times when he thought of folding the team but it was the players who kept him going. I thought of packing it all in because there is only so much losing you can take, but the boys have decided to stick with it so I have as well.

“After the win, parents came up and congratulated me but I have told them it is all down to the players.

Paul said he could see the funny side of his team’s losing streak and his reports of played four, lost four at the club’s monthly meetings was an all too frequent occurrence.”

Reece Hunt and Leon Pascoe scored the all-important goals while goalkeeper Charles Lucas saved a penalty as he kept his first clean sheet. But Paul said he would not let the new found success go to the boys’ heads.

With Huncoat firmly rooted to the foot of the table and having already conceded 104 goals in 12 games this season, there won’t be any fear of that.

“The boys have bit of confidence now and the aim is to win another game this season. But I don’t think they are world beaters just yet!”