COUNCILLORS are being urged to approve early morning opening at a McDonald’s branch in Ewood, Blackburn despite residents’ noise concerns.

The Livesey Branch restaurant is looking to extend its opening hours by four hours to 5am til 2am.

The Ewood Community Association has objected to the changes in hours because of the disruption they suspect will be caused by customer and delivery vehicles.

Brian Todd, the association’s chairman, said: “Any car that comes down the road after 12 at night or before 7am will definitely disturb us as it is usually so quiet then.

“If it turns out our suspicions are correct then we will be approaching the council to ask them to renege on the decision to pass the changes.”

A spokesman for McDonalds said: “We want to serve our customers at the times that suit them.

“Offering extended hours allows us to provide a convenient choice for our customers but our main priority is to be a good and responsible neighbour.

“Prior to submitting the application, a noise survey was carried out in the area to ensure that longer opening hours do not adversely affect residents.

“We also encourage our customers to be considerate to our neighbours when ordering their food and on leaving the restaurant.

“Whatever our opening hours may be we will continue to work closely with any member of the community who has concerns about the impact of our business.”

Coun Florence Oldfield said: “I can see why there has been an objection to it.I would be bothered by the noise if I lived right nearby, because there will inevitably be an increase in traffic.”

Coun Maureen Bateson said: “Ewood is a very busy area and the residents put up with a lot of noise.

“At the moment, we don’t know how much disruption the extended hours will attract and if the people will cause a nuisance.”