A 54-YEAR-OLD man died after he slipped on ice and banged his head on a doorstep.

James Hurst, known as Jimmy, had spent a night at the Swan Hotel in Abbey Street, Accrington, before taking a taxi home to Worsley Street.

After being dropped off in Manchester Road late on Saturday night, Mr Hurst, who lived alone after the death of his mother, made his way down Worsley Street, but slipped just doors away from his home. His body was not found until 8am the next day.

Heath Vickery, 34, who lives next door to the house where Mr Hurst fell said: “We opened the curtains to find he had slipped and saw a body just lying there.

“His head had hit directly on the step.

“My wife Lisa saw him first and we were worried, so I went out and spoke to the police officer who was there.

“I would see Mr Hurst knocking about, but not to speak to.”

Mr Hurst’s nextdoor neighbour Paul Shaw said he was a ‘chatty’ man who was always pleasant.

The 25-year-old said: “I spoke to him when we were cleaning the car.

“His mum passed away about four weeks ago, so he lived alone.

“He was a nice chatty man, nice to talk to, and it is realy sad what has happened. It is really slippy along this street.” DI Mark Vaughton said: “It is a very tragic incident that involved a man slipping on ice.

“A 54-year-old man who was a resident in Worsely Street was found at 8am on Sunday after falling and banging his head.

“He had been out drinking at the Swan Hotel before getting into a taxi and being dropped off on Manchester Road during the early hours of the morning.

“He was then walking down towards his home, where we believe he has slipped and fallen on the ice and banged his head on the doorstep of a property.”