PLANS for a controversial wind turbine have been submitted a third time by the owner of a farm near Bull Hill.

Elizabeth Gott, of Pleasant View Farm, has applied to erect a turbine measuring 64.2metres from its base to the tip of the blade on land at the farm.

A previous application was thrown out by planners in October due to its adverse impact on residents and insufficient information about the noise.

That application had been submitted after plans for an 88.5-metre turbine were withdrawn by the applicant.

The initial application sparked a furious response from residents who set up protest group ACT (Against Cranberry Turbine), fronted by Cranberry Fold Court resident Martin Vizzard, whose home would have been closest to the development.

Mrs Gott has now applied for a re-sited turbine that would be 482metres from Mr Vizzard’s home.

Mr Vizzard said the campaign group would be seeking a public consultation on the turbine.

He said: “We are yet to be convinced at the validity of noise information supplied by the applicant.

“They have moved the turbine but closer to other people’s homes. We are seeking a minimum separation distance of 500metres from homes for a turbine of that size. We will hold a public meeting in the future and will certainly be lobbying councillors.”

Fellow ACT member Wayne Silver said: “It is the same height as before but higher up the slope so it will actually be more prominent on the landscape.”

Coun Jean Rigby opposed the previous applications and said her position remained the same.

She said: “I am concerned about the flicker effect to residents and the noise element. I don’t understand why they keep trying.

“It will be visible for a huge distance. Why does it need to be so big if it is just to power a farm?”

No-one was available to comment on behalf of the applicants.